• Robin Lancaster

Gear Talk...We Made The Switch to Fuji!

We have been Sony shooters for almost 10 years now...Sony has been good to our office and captured some of our best work! changes every day and 2019 seems to be a really good year for the camera industry. Several have introduced new camera bodies late 2018 / early 2019. This was the year for us to move over to Fuji and away from Sony. Last fall I picked up my first Fujifilm camera, a new Fuji X-T20 with the 18-55 f2.8-4 lens. The camera sits in the middle as far as being one of their best cameras, it wasn't the top of the line, but not at the bottom either. I shot with it for 3 months and was rather surprised at the image quality. I was mainly shooting automotive images with it and most of that was done in good light. I finally decided to break down and buy the Fujinon 10-24 to give it a try in real estate. I couldn't believe how clean and how true the colors this camera produced. I finally made the decision to buy the X-T3 and a couple more lenses. This camera has been an excellent all around hybrid camera for both stills and video. We now shoot 100% Fujifilm and the office uses 2 X-T3s, an X-T30, and an X-T20 with all kind of prime lenses, zoom lenses, and even some f1.2/1.4 Canon FD glass we adapt to the body. They work great with our gimbals and are great cameras.

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